Another strange disabled parking sign

One of our local shopping centres has just spent the better part of a year (and most likely obscene amounts of money) re-doing the shopping centre, its shops, and specifically, the parking lot. Here is the photo of the spot: From this picture, you can see 2 things: 1 – the centre didn’t learn how … [Read more…]

Colin uses a mouse for the first time since the accident

Today, while we were sitting together at our computers, Colin simply asked if there was a spare mouse lying around. We found one. He wanted to try using the mouse instead of the trackball he has been using. In what I can only call a remarkable feat – he simply went ahead and managed to … [Read more…]

Greatly increased finger and hand movement

We started with a new OT (occupational therapist) who specialises in hands only, about a month and a half ago. She is wonderful and has given Colin new exercises, and a new splint to see if we can improve his right hand. First of all, she measured his range very precisely using a device that … [Read more…]