Another strange disabled parking sign

One of our local shopping centres has just spent the better part of a year (and most likely obscene amounts of money) re-doing the shopping centre, its shops, and specifically, the parking lot.

Here is the photo of the spot:

2020-02-27 12.34.57

From this picture, you can see 2 things:

1 – the centre didn’t learn how to paint the correct disabled sign which was incorrect the last time as well, and

2 – they didn’t take into account that the car doors would have to open next to the pillar. The concrete pillar blocks either the driver’s side door or in the event the person pulled in backward, the passenger side door.


If the driver parks so that the pillar is in front of the doors, then the car will stick out at the back. Not very clever planning.

We would love it if you send any funny disabled parking signs you may find, as well as where you found them. They are certainly good for a laugh, This one looks like a person is pointing at their behind.

Here is a link to the other 2 funny parking signs we have:

Click here for the one from Zimbabwe

Click here for the one from the same local centre before they redid the parking

Have a lovely week, and please check back again soon.

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